RAK Porcelain is part of the RAK Ceramics Group. Since the creation of the Group in 1991, the successful combination of professional experience, creativity, and unparalleled know-how has thrust RAK Ceramics into a leadership position in the ceramics industry.

RAK Porcelain acts as a partner to leaders in all hospitality categories in search of excellence with those that are convinced that the tableware adds value to their table and to their guest experience.

The innovative tabletop collections , designed for professionals, are shaped for ease in handling, resistance to variations in temperature, and a superior overall strength to insure a long lasting product even within the harsh conditions of the hospitality industry.

Warranty: RAK Porcelain offers a limited warranty covering chipping for several collections (contact us for more details). This warranty is only valid for the normal use of the products. The warranty does not cover breakage or damage arising from
misuse or non-ordinary use of our products.

Italian manufacturer with crystal glass items, glasses, vases, decanters famous for their design and high quality. 
French producer, leader in designing and producing porcelain cooking items.
English bone china factory that produces high quality mugs and cups and saucers.



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