Rota Logistics

ROTA LOGISTICS S.A. was founded in 1999 with headquarters at Thessaloniki, as a subsidiary of "Yalco - S. D. Constantinou and Son S.A.". It was funded by the European Union - through the Second Community Support Framework - aiming to supply advanced Logistics services and Bonded Warehouses.

The supplied services are the following:

  • Warehouses
  • Custom place use (i.e. transit storage capacity without duty tax payment & VAT)
  • Supply of logistics, customs, import - export procedures
  • Order executions, in few hours from the order
  • Delivery all over Greece and Balkans
  • Time - table coordination
  • Repacking
  • Cross Docking from Athens to Thessaloniki
  • On line connection with its customers
  • Full automation of services, with advanced computer systems, so as to reassure the electronic supervision LIFO or FIFO, the supervision of the merchandise barcode control and also the electronic reserve information by direct customer access.
  • Disposal of exhibition places and offices towards its customers

The headquarters of the company are situated on the 5th km of Thessaloniki-Athens National Highway in an area of 11,250 m2 with warehouses of 4000 m2 and height of 12 meters, with offices of 600 m2 and with fully landscaped surrounding area.

The whole warehouse is elevated by 1.30 meters from the surrounding area and has 8 loading and unloading places equipped with hydraulic ramps and 15 loading and unloading places with hand operated bridges.

The warehouse has metallic shelves in arrangement "back to back" with 6 storage levels, of total storage capacity of 8,000 palettes. The product transport is made with modern lifting machines of different kind properly for different activities.

The operation of the warehouse is backed up by wireless terminals, computer network and advanced warehouse management software for the achievement of trustworthy operation, maximum productivity and detailed informing.