In 1920, Socrates D. Constantinou started out trading household goods in the city of Drama. In 1933, he settled in Thessaloniki where he started a private business dealing in the same commodities. Many years later, in 1968, alongside his private business a general partnership was created – SOCRATES D. CONSTANTINOU & SON. In 1972, the two companies merged to form SOCRATES D. CONSTANTINOU & SON S.A. – SALES & MANUFACTURE OF GLASSWARE AND HOUSEHOLD GOODS, known under the name YALCO, with headquarters in Kalohori, Thessaloniki. In 1974, the company opened a sales office and showroom in Athens, expanding its activity to southern Greece. From the mid-1970s, YALCO’s growth was impressive: its sales increased sharply and it became the main supplier to all major outlets in the sector. In 1989, YALCO moved its headquarters to Nea Kifissia and became the first company in its sector to have fully integrated facilities in both northern and southern Greece. Significant investment in permanent facilities, up-to-date computerization and an administrative reorganization opened the way for YALCO to enter the Athens Stock Exchange in 1995. In the course of the same year, the company was recognized by the European Union as one of the “500 most dynamic European enterprises”. In the following years, the company expanded its activities into other areas, such as professional equipment (through its acquisition of the companies KORMOS S.A. and KORMOS DISTRIBUTION S.A.), retail sales (through its acquisition and participation in OMNISHOP S.A.), the provision of modern logistics services (ROTA LOGISTICS S.A.) and air-conditioning (participation in the share-capital of EXCEL S.A.). The next important milestone was in 2001, when it was decided to acquire VELLIFEST S.A., which, up to that point, was the company’s main competitor. This acquisition further strengthened YALCO’s commercial activity and marked its entry into the field of producing cookware for home and professional use, which it markets in Greece and abroad.

In 2007, a subsidiary was founded in Bucharest, S.C. YALCO ROMANIA S.R.L., which has the rights to distribute BLACK & DECKER and DEWALT products in Romania, while it is also active in the distribution of household goods and furnishings for the home and office.

From 2008, the company began representing the well-known brand of furniture and home furnishings HABITAT, which has a successful history of 44 years and a global presence in 32 countries. In Greece, through YALCO, HABITAT products are carried in three sales outlets in Athens.

In 2010, the company focused on reorganization, with the goal of eliminating insufficiently profitable activities and concentrating on areas with healthy growth prospects. Within this context, it proceeded to merge its subsidiaries OMNISHOP and EXCEL, to sell its subsidiary in Hungary and to reevaluate its retail network. At the same time, it consolidated its warehouses at the facilities in Oinofyta. In 2011, YALCO scored a major success with the buyout of IONIA, the most widely recognized brand of porcelain tableware and hotel supplies in Greece as well as in many countries abroad.