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IONIA was founded in 1972. In fact, it has an even longer history, since IONIA is the continuation of KERAMEIKOS factory, which was inaugurated in 1909. It used raw materials from the island of Milos and was recognized as one of the best industries in the Mediterranean for the quality of its products, hard-paste porcelain and faience.

During the years, IONIA showed strong commitment in producing the highest quality products at affordable prices. So it emerged as leader in the Greek market of domestic and professional porcelain. Moreover, the company always stood out for the design of its collections, undertaken by distinguished Greek painters and artists. In the last 15 years, IONIA developed a network of retail stores in Greece, while enriching its product range with glassware, cutlery, kitchen utensils and table accessories. In 2011 the brand IONIA and the network of retail stores was acquired by YALCO - Socrates D. Constantinou & Son SA.  

Top quality of non stick aluminum cookware. Safe non stick coating guaranteed from Dupont. FEST non stick cookware is produced in Greece.
FEST range consists of:
High quality stainless steel 18/10 cookware and pressure cookers.
Full range of kitchen tools and gadgets as well as a wide range of electrical appliances of high quality and functionality. 
Ηοusehold collection of high quality products at affordable prices.
YALCO brands which include cutlery, stainless steel thermos containers, kitchen utensils and a big variety of multi-use, easy to use, all time classic items.
FULTON is a range of YALCO consisting of small electrical appliances (coffee machines, mixers etc.) which is unique for its functionality and reliability.
Dynamix is another YALCO’s brand, leader in coffee making machines.
Welcome to the beautiful world of Evans & Taylor new collection. Unique objects of high quality and style, decorated with happy colors and modern designs at affordable prices that will change the ordinary image of your table and will make ideal gift solutions. Evans & Taylor products will help you enjoy the uniqueness of every moment, starting from the simple preparation of a quick meal to the layout of an impressive, formal dinner.
Evans & Taylor collection has already been successful in many countries abroad. In Greece, it was launched on September 2006 by YALCO Company, exclusive distributor for the Greek market. The specially constructed Evans & Taylor stands on which the products are placed, in combination with the branded packaging can satisfy and impress even the most demanding customers. In addition, Evans and Taylor collection is enriched and renewed on a regular basis, in accordance with the contemporary needs of households and the latest market trends. Finally, our ambition for Evans & Taylor collection is to make it stand out with its high quality and aesthetics and in the long-term, to make it successful not only in the Greek market but also in more countries abroad. 
Professional equipment collection of high quality products at affordable prices.





ALKAN brings a big variety of buffet items that cover the needs of every hotelier. 

ARC International is the largest producer of crystal and glassware. Widely known from the brands of Luminarc, Arcopal, Crystal d’ Arques and Arcoroc. The daily output of the factory is up to about 1500 tones, from which 60% is exported all over the world. The excellence of quality and the fine design characterize the products of its collection.

Professional knives imported from Spain.





High quality cutleries made in Portugal.
BISETTI is specialized in pepper &salt mills since 1945 - date of firm foundation. It is one of the few, that even today continues to produce table and kitchen tools in turned wood.
Each product is entirely produced in Bisetti's facility in order to guarantee the highest quality control, distinguished by "MADE IN ITALY".
The very famous Dutch brand of unique design for tea and coffee accessories.
The famous Bohemian glass products include: glasses, vases, ashtrays and other tableware of unique quality and design, manufactured in the famous Bohemia area.
One of the biggest French producer of high quality kitchen utensils, confectionary items, trolleys as well as a full range of catering items.






CAMBRO is one of the biggest U.S manufactures of the most durable and of the best quality products for catering, such as:

  • Serving trays
  • Pots, glasses, cover plates
  • Serving and buffet items
  • Storing items for food
  • Shelves
  • Thermos containers for food and liquids 
  • Baskets for glasses, plates, cutlery, trays
  • Trolleys for every use 
Italian manufacturer of plastic items for home use. Its well-established manufacture tradition offers a wide range of products of high quality and customer satisfaction. 





Dalebrook defines the trends of melamine items for the past 40 years. Their products offer the most innovative, functional and modern solutions, designed to highlight the presentation of dishes at any catering site and retail store. With more than 3000 items, the company proposes solutions ideal for every need and budget. Dalebrook's product range offers a huge variety of items through the use of various materials such as melamine, acrylic, SAN, Polycarbonate, aluminum and stainless steel.





Espresso coffee machines (non electric) with outstanding design and easy to use.
The biggest candles producer in Germany and one of the most important in Europe owning an automated production and high quality. Famous for the great variety of its products, their uniqueness and its speed of delivery.
Italian company involved in the production of household plastics with exports to many countries. The large variety of designs and colours, the practicality of the products and the excellent quality, brings the company to the first place of the preference of the consumers.
Famous professional knives from Japan, made from the best stainless steel, carefully designed to ensure the best results during their use.
A unique collection of professional kitchen knives, cover the most demanding needs for every professional. GLOBAL knives are found in the best hotels and restaurants around the world. 
GLS is the Greek manufacturer of glass and decorative items making use of the fusing method. All items are handmade and are the perfect gift for those who adore authenticity and detail.
Italian supplier specialized in bakery. Springforms and bakery accessories that satisfy all potential cooks.
Guy Degrenne is the second largest stainless steel producer since 1948. Its items include: cutlery, buffet items and tableware which are distinguished by top quality and design.





Founded in 1964 by Sir Terence Conran. It distributes functional, beautiful and affordable furniture and home accessories. Habitat today aims to invigorate its passion for creativity and innovation, and strengthens its mission of creating trends in the universe of interior design.





INTERMETAL belongs to the HARWAL GROUP and is the largest producer of aluminum and stainless steel furniture.




Turkish supplier from which YALCO imports the more advance line of pots for Turkish coffee.





The best brand for pans with the unique Italian design and quality. Timeless pan and casserole lines.





High quality of heat resistance glass for oven use. Marinex items are produced in Brazil.
French manufacturer who specialises in confectionary and kitchen items that cover every demand in the catering sector.
High-quality filter coffee machines and teapots (non electric).





This company is located in Turkey and it is ranked among the second place of glass production in Europe. Its daily output comes up to 800 tones exporting all over the world.
An important Spanish producer of professional kitchen utensils of stainless steel and aluminum. The only producer in his field with ISO 2002 specifications.





RAK Porcelain is part of the RAK Ceramics Group. Since the creation of the Group in 1991, the successful combination of professional experience, creativity, and unparalleled know-how has thrust RAK Ceramics into a leadership position in the ceramics industry.

RAK Porcelain acts as a partner to leaders in all hospitality categories in search of excellence with those that are convinced that the tableware adds value to their table and to their guest experience.

The innovative tabletop collections , designed for professionals, are shaped for ease in handling, resistance to variations in temperature, and a superior overall strength to insure a long lasting product even within the harsh conditions of the hospitality industry.

Warranty: RAK Porcelain offers a limited warranty covering chipping for several collections (contact us for more details). This warranty is only valid for the normal use of the products. The warranty does not cover breakage or damage arising from
misuse or non-ordinary use of our products.

Italian manufacturer with crystal glass items, glasses, vases, decanters famous for their design and high quality. 
French producer, leader in designing and producing porcelain cooking items.
English bone china factory that produces high quality mugs and cups and saucers.





The biggest production unit of recycled glass in Spain. It offers various accessories and gifts, in a variety of colors with fancy design.
Dutch factory specialized in anti-stick pan lines. They produce high quality products using the innovative patented ceramic titanium which gives the products quality and strength.
The Seltmann company with years of experience, offers hospital porcelain of unsurpassed durability and quality. The accuracy of the dimensions, the strict standards and the great variety of complementary items, render the use of the items optimal, even under the most demanding circumstances.
SICO is trading since 1951 and is globally known for its products used in space management. It specializes in the production of stands, dancing floors, tables and service trolleys.
Japanese producer with glass gift items.
A factory from HK, China producing stainless steel serving implements, cutlery and tableware utensils, ideal for catering use.





The TAFELSTERN brand embodies contemporary table culture in all areas of the gastronomy sector. TAFELSTERN interprets international food trends in innovative and impressive products in the finest hard porcelain.
It is the inventor of vacuum flasks in the beginning of our century. It was established in England and the Thermos brand name represents quality goods including a big variety of camping goods and vacuum flasks. All products are characterized for their practicality and their excellent quality.
Famous Chinese brand with modern designers for many kitchen series (glass, anti-stick items, wood, etc.).





Since 1976, Zak Designs has been committed to making mealtime fun for people around the world. 
The portfolio of ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS encompasses three brands which are Independently positioned on the market:

Schott Zwiesel. The glass of the professionals’ .Sommeliers, wine-makers, internationally acclaimed chefs, and top hotels in over 120 countries value this brand as reliable partner.

The Zwiesel 1872 represents exclusive gourmet glass ranges.

Jenaer GLAS is one of the best-known designer brands and the epitome of individual cooking, serving, and enjoying with heat-resistant glass.